Your Car Needs A Chrome Long Beach Emblem

Posted by | October 9, 2011 | Blog | 5 Comments

We’ve figured out one of the classiest ways to show everyone that you’re from Long Beach with these new arrivals.

Check out our Long Beach and classic LB chrome emblems, available exclusively at Long Beach Clothing Co. These emblems are easily mounted to any smooth surface with the same 3M adhesive tape found on major automotive emblem.

Rob, our manager, has been stopped four times already by people asking where he got the emblem. And the same thing will happen to you.

Pick yours up today at the retail or online here.


  • Mike Washington says:

    I live in Columbus,OH but “I rep da West”. I just finished my lowrider, a 1983 buick regal & since there are no car clubs & hardly any1 out here ridin on 100 spokes I been looking to find “Long Beach” emblems to put on the ride. I seen ya’ll make them & I have to have at least 1… Please feel free to contact me on the price cause it would set the ride off proper!!!


  • Dyon ( Long Beach ) Coates says:

    West up,
    Would like to know the price on the emblems? I am the President of Sierra Vista Ruff Ryders in Arizona and my name is Long Beach, born and raised in LBC of 15th and California, well now it’s MLK. Do you have a catalog that has all prices or is it just a web thing.

  • kipp funderburk says:

    i NEED to get those chrome long beach emlems for my truck. how much and can i order them on line. couldnt do it on your site. help! them shits is tight!

  • MsT says:

    Uhm yea… What is the weight on that there emblem?? If their feather light, I’ll take two for some earrings. If not, one for a necklace will do.

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